Cultivating Human Power Tools- Contemplation

Posted: November 18, 2020
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A series of blogs on Cultivating Human Power Tools by Ceibo.  

We humans have the ability to remember, sharpen and cultivate a set of unique god given power tools supporting us on our journey back to our true nature.  It’s time to stop relying and leaning on “the system” to sustain us.  With some practice we can remember the power to mantain our awareness onto our hightest states of consciousness. The highway of living. Think of vitality, optimization, livity, self reliance, self regeneration, divine wisdom and self mastery.  We are self healing beings.  If you have a cut on your arm, it heals itself and we can support it’s process of healing by cleaning the cut and careing for it until it is fully healed.  The cultivation of our power tools will naturally bring about coherance and an innate ability to navigate smoothly through rough mountainous terrain.

In this blog we are tuning into the power tool of contemplation beyond the limitation of the actual word itself. I have found this to be an excellent power tool for retriveing wisdom and, in some cases, answers to deep questions we have that continue to go unanswered.

Etymology of Contemplation

Latin: Contemplatio

Con= joint action

Template or Templo=Temple space used for mindful observation with deep reflective thought.

Contemplo: joint action (con) inside a sacred space (templo) between the contemplator and God.

Some definitions:
  1. To be fully present in body, heart and mind (coherance) to what is in a way that allows you to creatively respond & work towards what could be done if action is needed.  –Center for Action and Contemplation
  2. Linking with the infinite consciousness offers unlimited potential to manifest and also allows for the possibility of becoming one with the unmanifest. –Shunya Murti
  3. Willing or gathering dispersed energy while concentrating it onto a predefined subject.  This subject is contained and brought into a created space or temple (contemplate) This is the contemplators inner temple. The temple is closed to all other elements that may draw the attention of the contemplator. The subject of the contemplator is the only element allowed inside the temple.
  4. A way of shifting the focus of our attention from the limited mind of the ego particle and dissolving into the wavelength of pure awareness that is in resonance with the cosmic mind. –Shunya Murti
  5. A collaboration between the contemplator (a particular state of consciousness) and our hightest vibrational state.  This collaboration (con=joint action; contemplate) creates a potent alchemy producing a higher state of wisdom and clarity.
Construct of Contemplation:

At some point in our lives we come to a state of self realization which allows us to see clearly that we have been equipped with  potent powers that enable us to fully optimize and navigate our experiences here on the earth plane and beyond.

In order to utilize the power tool of contemplation we must tune into other power tools that enable us to construct the inner temple that holds space in a way that invokes deep reflection and wisdom. These powers are willpower, concentration and stillness.  I will cover these briefly in this blog and we will take a deeper dive into these power tools in future blogs on Cultivating Human Power Tools.

Consider the importance of focus while performing a specific task, sport or artistic creation. Ex. rock climbing, surfing, pottery or a specific task at work like creating a presentation for a client. These actions require a myopic form of focused energy.  An energetic power we contain naturally which allows us to gather all of our fragmented energy while honing it into a single pointed focus onto the subject we are contemplating.  As Shunyamurti says, “Contemplation is a way of shifting the focus of our attention from the limited mind of the ego particle and dissolving into the wavelength of pure awareness that is in resonance with the cosmic mind”.

If we have questions about something important to us or we are in the process of having to make a big decision, the power tool of contemplation helps us to bring closure to these questions and ultimately allows us to take action with confidence and coherance.  Coherance is an alignment between heart and mind which allows us to tap into another power tool called intuition.  Ultimately contemplation is a communion with God and from this vantage point we can download powerful transmissions which offer profound guidance and clarity.

Cultivating Human Power Tools:

To cultivate these powers we must practice repeatedly.  Similar to learning a new sport or learning to play a new instrument we must practice.  If we repeat these practices consistently each day we will begin to culitivate these power tools.  In order to cultivate contempation we must use the tool of repetition.

  • Take a moment to imagine, literally, willing your energy into a single pointed focus on a normal daily routine.  Now concentrate this energy for an extended period of time until you have completed the task or practice.
  • Completing a project requires willpower.  For example… Making your bed. Complete the task of making your bed until it is complete.  When you think you have completed making your bed do something extra like stacking the pillows in a unique way or making sure the sheets and blankets are visually cozy and tidy.  This is a simple way in your daily routine to cultivate willpower.  Use your daily routines to practice cultivating willpower.  For example…..while creating art or music, conversations with other people, a garden project or any work related task.
  • Through the power tool of repetition and by practicing willpower in our normal daily routines, we will soon find the limits of our willpower expanding more and more.
  • Throughout your daily routine practice doing only 1 thing at a time.  Focus on that 1 thing without allowing other elements to enter into your field that might distract you from being fully concentrated on that 1 task.
  • When speaking with someone, practice concentration by fully listenting to that person without allowing your mind to wander or how you might respond to the person after they finish speaking.  Fully listening without judgement or critique. Do this consistantly and you will become an amazing listener and cultivate a higher level of concentration.
  • Create a zero tolerance policy for being distracted.  Notice if you get disttracted and gently refocus your energy back into a concentrated single pointed focus.  Do this repeately and you will become more and more concentrated.  Said differently, do this repeatedly and you will become more and more powerful.
  • Using the power tool of stillness we can cultivate both willpower and concentration.  A common tool for cultivating stillness is meditation. Meditation is different than contemplation in that one is cultivating a sense of emptiness and tuning into an insulated space from a chattery mind.  While in contemplation, for example, we are tuning into a specific subject matter that might relate to an experience or inperience and we are collaborating with our highest vibrational state as a way to gain clarity and guidance.
  • A simple way to start meditation is to create a sacred quiet space in your home with a comfortable sitting area ideally in an area close to nature.  Go to this area each morning or evening for 15-30 minutes daily.  The moments of nectar and optimal time is between the hours of 4am-7am.
  • Sit quietly and will (willpower) your energy into a single pointed focus on the sensation and sound of your breath. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 6 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. Focus your attention on this breathing technique (pranayama) called Kumbahk or breath retention. Repeat for 10 minutes.  Then sit for 5 minutes to feel the affects. Notice how your mind chatter will quiet down significantly and notice sensations of peace, harmony and flow.  When we quiet the mind chatter we optimize the power tool of contemplation.


By becoming still, closing our eyes and entering into our holy temple of the master minds, we can dissolve into the wavelength of pure awareness, link with the infinite consciousness while gaining wisdom and clarity to help us navigate optimally in the 3rd dimensional matrix and beyond.

Suggested further study on Contemplation: Samadhi Parinama:  (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, I17, I18, I19, I20))

*Contemplation development through 4 levels of Samadhi

  1. Savitarka Samadhi: Gross Material/Objects
  2. Savichara Samadhi: Subtle Elements
  3. Sa-ananda Samadhi: Mind devoid of objects
  4. Sa-asmita Samadhi: “I” feeling by itself