"Peace comes from being in awe of the life force
that exists inside a garden weed”


What makes a garden magical ?

When you enter into an enchanted garden you immediately feel a nurturing energy wafting all around you. Every manifestation is born from our inner dimension. So if we feel creative we can manifest a creation. If we want to create a banana orchard, a medicinal garden or an edible forest we can create the design and manifest it while infusing vibrations of peace harmony and flow into the creation itself .
Nature has a stable frequency that entrains into our entire being. When we choose to integrate our lives more and more into these frequencies we become in tune with these natural vibrations. Human beings that spend countless hours caring for and cultivating their personal creations in a natural environment while exuding nurturing, loving and peaceful energies, create an indescribable magic that fills the space of the manifested creation. So next time you walk into a garden and sense it’s stable frequencies of peace, harmony and flow, close your eyes and tune into it’s enchanted stories from past, present and future.


Harmony & Balance

Plant medicine comes in many forms. At a minimum, I believe that concocting basic garden herbs into tinctures for a personal apothecary is the beginning of physical, emotional, and mental fortification for all human beings.

With a focus on herbs that thrive in the location of the herbalist, we can synergize these plant frequencies into our own vibrations bringing a state of well-being into our everyday lives.


Find the tinctures in:
The Lighthouse 
Ceibo’s Garden

Moringa Tincture 1 oz
Jackass Bitters Tincture 1 oz
Horse Tail Tincture 1 oz
Turmeric Tincture 1 oz


Immerse Yourself

The Edible Journey is a yogic experience and spiritual awakening that focuses on mindful and meditative permaculture and indigenous practices relating to the lifeways of the immediate return indigenous tribes.

It includes an introductory of “rewilding” while sipping on foraged garden teas followed by an herbal forage in Ceibo’s personal garden with jicaro bowls while discussing permaculture practices, foraging ethics, experiencing aromatic herbs, plant tastings, tincture sipping, music, culinary Mandala wild craft art, a feast with herbs including in-season organic fruits and special sauces followed by a savasana and a mystical sacred sound journey using Ceibo’s collection of instruments from around the world.

All the food is fresh, foraged and organic. I have experienced many dimensions in the journey and it speaks to people looking to rediscover what it means to practice mindful living and teaches a new appreciation for plant medicine, general awareness and a spiritual awakening connected to everyday plants, edibles and beyond.