An Enchanted Sound Journey

My first sound journey took me to a desert landscape with visuals of an old man on a foot journey with a long white beard wearing a robe using a walking staff with temple bells chiming with each step he took. The same journey took me to a far off temple in the mountains of China. Sound Journey’s are for groups who wish to experience entrainment into stable positive vibrations using sacred instruments as a tool to transcend the monkey mind and a way to induce relaxation creating physical, mental and emotional healing.


What makes a garden magical ?

When you enter into an enchanted garden you immediately feel a nurturing energy wafting all around you. Every manifestation is born from our inner dimension. So if we feel creative we can manifest a creation. If we want to create a banana orchard, a medicinal garden or an edible forest we can create the design and manifest it while pouring vibrations of peace harmony and flow into the creation itself .
Nature has a stable frequency that entrains into our entire being. When we choose to integrate our lives more and more into these frequencies we become in tune with these natural vibrations. Human beings that spend countless hours caring for and cultivating their personal creations in a natural environment while exuding nurturing, loving and peaceful energies, create an indescribable magic that fills the space of the manifested creation. So next time you walk into a garden and sense it’s stable frequencies of peace, harmony and flow, close your eyes and tune into it’s enchanted stories from past, present and future



One of the practices in Ceibo’s garden is cultivating a connection to true spirit through meditation, mantras, pranayama and sacred sounds. Sadhanas are simply tools that help us to connect with and reveal our true nature. They can be as simple as being mindful while preparing lemongrass tea or taking a quiet walk in the garden. Traditional Sadhanas utilize meditation, mantras, pranayamas and sound healing experiences to assist in observing and creating space from our past conditioning, identifications, associations and egoic states as a daily spiritual practice.
In doing so we can experience a state of well being, calmness and contentment. Click on “Meditation Session” to schedule a private meditation session with Ceibo.